Design Suggestions

  • Download this flyer entitled How to Best Design a Billboard.
  • Draw a sketch of what you would like your ad to look like and scan it to or
  • Email us image files of your logo, previous ad designs, business cards or anything that reflects the brand or image of your company.
  • Provide your website address and/or website addresses for products you carry or services you offfer so that we may pull product images and manufacturer trademarks to include in your ad.
  • Send pictures of your equipment, place of business, staff or other billboard designs that you like.
Design Services at No Extra Charge

Take advantage of our design service that is included in the vinyl production and install charge. In order to help our designer create a winning ad.

CAUTION: Magazine Ads Don't Work Well on Billboards

Remember that outdoor media is much different than print or web advertising. What works in a magazine ad or on a website will not be nearly as effective on a billboard spot. Less is generally better, and our designers understand what works. We really want your ad to succeed so that you will remain a customer for years to come. Try to keep an open mind when presented with a design that we believe will get the best response and portray your business in a positive light.